FCA investigations

The Financial Conduct Authority (‘FCA’) regulates retail, wholesale and financial markets.


There is a wide range of punitive sanctions that the FCA is entitled to impose, including:

  • Withdrawing a firm’s authorisation
  • Prohibiting individuals from carrying on regulated activities
  • Suspending firms and individuals from undertaking regulated activities
  • Issuing fines against firms and individuals who breach rules or commit market abuse
  • Applying to the courts for injunctions, restitution orders, and winding up and other insolvency orders
  • Bringing criminal prosecutions to tackle crimes such as insider dealing, unauthorised business and false claims of having obtained FCA authorisation.

We represent clients across the full spectrum of FCA investigation. Our lawyers have represented bankers facing regulatory sanctions for breach of rules and traders, directors, Chief Financial Officers and companies who have been charged and faced trial in respect of serious market abuse.

In common with investigations conducted by HMRC and the SFO we recommend that we are consulted at the earliest possible stage in any FCA investigation. Early instruction allows us to assess the extent of the allegations and take steps to avoid the matters being escalated to suspension, withdrawal of authorisation or prosecution. In the event that matters do proceed towards the imposition of sanction we have the skills and expertise to provide the most thorough support and advice.